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We are the employees and we are the owners. We and the society are responsible to us. We’re with people. We’re among people. We are (doubtful) progressive or egalitarian, but we are with the marginal.  Wherever is oppression, whatever the mode of repression, our voice is there, in effect, we are with people. We are one of the publishing community and we are with now new management, new policy where we are trying to be ‘a global marginal voice.’

In this pandemic in 2020, we also want vaccine as a Common Good Global. At worldwide platform, the common good just persists in certain areas of global collaborations, in which love for the common good is meaningful. In everyone’s connection with solidarity, protecting human rights, the creation of global public goods and commitment as a global human capital all will be assessed.

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Engineering & Technology

In the technology bound world, we are aligned with people to let them know about IT (Information Technology), EEE, Industrial engineering through the latest publications. 

Business, Management & Economics

To get a flavor of a business insider can check our regular publications on Marketing, Management, Finance, Accounting, Supply chain management, Economics and so on.

Natural Sciences

We are also ensuring publications of chemistry, biology, physics, botany etc…

Humanities & Social Sciences

Knowledge sharpens opportunity with social science, human resource study, gender study, history and linguistics.


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Professor (Lt. Gen. Retd.) Mohd. Aminul Karim, Ph.D

Professor Karim is a prolific writer and published professional papers on various subjects and topics of leadership and management, strategic studies, geopolitics, international affairs, environment, public administration and politics in such journals as Cambridge, Elsevier, Springer, Taylor and Francis, Routledge, SAGE, Wiley, BIISS etc. He has published a good number of books or contributed chapters in many books.


Dr. Nazia Nazeer

Dr. Nazeer has gained extensive research experience in Technology and Innovation status in developing countries. 

Presently, she is an assistant professor at National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences in Karachi, Pakistan.  Dr. Nazeer is passionate about contributing towards the understanding and improvement of knowledge through research on Technology and Innovation.

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