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Opportunity To Publish with Us

APP Publishing provides an independent press with a special, personalized service customized to each project. From initial commissioning to the marketing of a completed novel, our committed teams collaborate closely with our writers to keep them updated and active, whether freshly released or well known.

Book Proposal Guidelines

In order to submit a book proposal you must detail the following information: 

Provisional book title

Author’s Information

  • Name
  • Address, telephone number and email
  • Current position/job title
  • Short (200 word) author bio

Key Information

  • Provisional word length (including bibliography and footnotes/endnotes) – NB please state length in terms of word count, not number of pages
  • Provisional manuscript submission date
  • Is there any institutional financial support for the publication, or other prospects for discounted bulk purchases of the book? 
  • Has any or all of the work been published before, such as in a journal, magazine, report, conference proceedings or online?  If so, please give details.
  • Have you submitted the book to any other publishers? 
  • Who is the copyright holder of the material? 
  • Please suggest two possible referees (we are also likely to gather our own)


  • What will the book be about? (Max 200 words)
  • How is it original? (Max 200 words)
  • What will its main argument be? (3-4 bullet points of 1-2 lines)
  • Please suggest three unique selling points for the book; i.e. Why would a bookshop retailer wish to stock your book? And why might a book buyer wish to purchase it?  (Please keep each selling point to no more than two lines if possible)


  • A 200-word summary of the book that might be used for marketing and back cover purposes
  • A single-sentence summary of the book that captures its core argument and appeal
  • Provisional table of contents
  • Short descriptions of the contents of chapters (approx. 200 words per chapter)
  • Any figures, tables and illustrations?
  • Any sample chapters (if you have them) 

Readers and Marketing

As the author/editor, you have valuable insight into the readership and markets for your book. Please provide as much qualitative and quantitative detail as possible about the prospective primary markets for your book.

  • For whom is the book intended? In particular, please provide specific examples of any courses which the book would be suited to.
  • What existing books compete with (or complement) this one and how will this book differ from the competition?
  • How you can help promote and market the book? 
  • Would you be willing to organize/attend a launch event?
  • Are you affiliated to any institutions or organizations that might be of assistance in this regard?
  • Which social media platforms do you use? (please provide specific information, such as Twitter handles)
  • Do you have access to any relevant email mailing lists?
  • What conferences/events might you be attending that would be of relevance to the book?
  • Has your work featured on any blogs, newspapers, magazines or other non-academic media?
  • Any other promotional opportunities you might think of.
  • Have any previous books you have written been translated into non-English languages? If so, please provide details.
  • Do you have any additional course or multimedia materials you could supply?

Additional Information 

  • Is there any additional information you would like to provide?
  • Please also attach your CV.