New Journal Proposal

New Journal Proposal Form

  1. Your name and nationality (required by the British Library and the Library of Congress). Please include all co-authors or co-editors.
  1. Present and previous positions, with dates, including full current academic affiliation, your email address and full postal address
  1. Please list any experience you have in journals editing editorial boards, journal responsibilities
  1. Articles written for international readers, with
  1. What are your current research interests?
  1. What individuals and theories have particularly influenced you?
  1. What is your motivation for starting a new journal?
  1. For what length of time will you commit to editing the journal?

Please bear in mind that to maximize sales and citations the title, and chapter titles, need to be discoverable on Internet search engines. They must be concise and include key terms/concepts from the book. Please think about what search terms your readers may use to find out about the book and individual chapters contained within it.


  1. What is the likely title of journal?
  1. Please detail the aims and scope of the journal
  1. What topics will the journal seek to cover?
  1. Detail past work that is indicative of the coverage of the journal (please give approximately 30 examples)
  1. Suggested Topics/ Titles and themes for first few editions
  1. Is this a purely academic journal or will it include a mix of practitioner and academic contributions?