General Book Publishing Form


  1. Name:

  1. Present position, including full academic affiliation:

Please supply separate CV, including details of previous positions and a list of publications.


  1. Likely title and sub-title of the Please bear in mind that to maximize sales and citations the title, and chapter titles, need to be ‘discoverable’ on Internet search engines. They must be concise and include key terms/concepts from the book. Please think about what search terms your readers may use to find out about the book and individual chapters contained within it:
  1. Short description of the book (in 150 words) that captures the essence of the book and could be used to describe it in promotional material to persuade potential readers to engage with the book:
  1. Detailed description of the scope, aim and approach of the book in at least 2 pages (Please make a clear case for the book, indicating why you decided to write the book and why you feel there is a need for it, how people would use it, and what it adds to the existing Include also any important features, new material or approaches.):
  1. Table of contents in full (Please include chapter sub-headings, target extent, in words, of each chapter, and a short abstract for each chapter describing its content and scope):

NB – If the book is an edited, multi-contributor work please indicate the author for each chapter in the table of contents, and an indication as to the scope and length of the introduction and conclusion. Please also confirm that the editor(s) intend to undertake a thorough peer review of all the completed chapters prior to delivering the final manuscript.


  1. Target extent (please indicate word count and include all footnotes /endnotes, and references, noting that figures are each calculated at 500 words and tables at 300 words).
  1. Copyright, Figures and Tables. Please indicate if any material to be included has been previously published, and indicate what Please confirm the likely number of figures and tables to appear in the final manuscript.
  1. How much of the typescript is complete and when do you expect to finish the final manuscript? Please provide an indicative timetable for writing and completing the manuscript:

NB – For authored works please include key milestones for when you expect to finish each chapter in draft and final form. For edited books please indicate when draft and final chapters can expect to be received from contributors, building in time for

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review of draft chapters.


  1. Primary market for the book. Is it a research monograph that will sell primarily to academic libraries? Will it have any appeal to practitioners or policy-makers? Are there any secondary audiences that would be interested in the book? (For textbooks please use the Textbook Proposal Form):
  1. Competing Please identify any competing or similar books to yours and describe how your book compares to them:
  1. International What sort of appeal will your book have for the international market? Are there any overseas markets that might be particularly receptive to your book?
  1. What would you feel is the permissible price range for the market envisaged?
  1. Do you think there is a market for the book in translation? If so, please state likely language:


  1. Please give the names and addresses of two referees who are familiar with and would be qualified to provide an opinion on your work:
  1. Society links. Does the book project have a formal link with a research network, funding body or society? Does such a link mandate that the whole or part of the book must be published Open Access?
  1. Proposal submission. Please inform us if the book has been offered to another publisher at any point. Is the book being offered simultaneously to another publisher?


Please return your reply to:

Dr. John Robin Editorial Director

Australia Pacific Publishing