FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are several responses to concerns that are often asked. If you cannot find the response you are searching for, please send us a message at info@australiapacificpublisher.com

A: We perform a thorough benefit and loss review before consulting our Amazon agent in private. Just kidding. A few of us screen the multiple entries we get to philtre out anything. If the whole organisation agrees to take a presentation into consideration, at least two joint participants read each handbook and report back to us. We ALL sit down at that stage to address the strengths/weaknesses of the group. At times, we consider ideas without a full draught, but typically only from people we collaborated with before or who released prior books we meet.

A: Click HERE for the instructions for our application and thank you for the wonderful novel!

A: Everywhere every day. In solution for any person locked up by the law, we will sell books to you or your friends or family members at a discount of 30 percent as long as they are delivered to the “correcting facility” (specifically around shipping methods, explicit materials, hardcovers, etc.).

A: Wonderful news. Brilliant news. Second, make sure that the book has been released by APP (if not, then you can always email us and we can assist you in approaching the publisher). Secondly, submit a letterhead submission to info@ australiapacificpublisher.com with full contact information, name of the course and registration.

A: That’s the best thing in the universe if you realise what it says. Being part of a group means continuous alertness—both as an entity and as part of a broader whole. There is no straightforward model for collaborating on a liberal political initiative with voters (and don’t believe anybody who claims they have one). It’s still a lot of work, and mostly really boring work (from packing boxes to proofreading). Combine this with something about a capitalist system – which we strive to transcend – and you have something that needs a lot of stamina to contend with. So what will be more exhilarating amid all the frustrations and shortcomings than selling and publishing materials that inspire people to reconstruct community from the scratch?