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Editing English Language 

  • Recommendation of the journal
  • Copy Editing Activities in English
  • Right defective pronunciation, syntax and dotting.
  • Address inappropriate use of term.
  • Make sure pronunciation, hyphenation, percentages, fonts, and capitalisation are clear.
  • Check for numbers, tables and other show features for callouts and subtitles.
  • Enforce coherent style and sound in a manuscript by many writers.
  • Remove wordiness and insufficient jargon.
  • Smooth sentence-paragraph changes.
  • Switch phrases to increase readability.
  • Implement readability and movement additions and deletions.
  • Assign new levels to logical structure headings.

If asked, shift passive voice to active voice.

  • Edit through Microsoft WordTM Track Change Function, facilitating quick and easy analysis and editing management.
  • Recommendation Journal Functions
  • Present and all prior article names.
  • Summary of related papers written in the newspaper.
  • Linked intelligence association and/or culture.
  • Chief Editor(s).
  • Details of the publisher.
  • Webpage of the Publication.
  • Definition of journal, project and subjects discussed.
  • Years developed and pace of release.
  • Knowledge Information (names and contact details).
  • Regulation of transparent access.
  • Criteria for submission and relevant ties.
  • Articles forms acknowledged.
  • Knowledge indexing.
  • Level of acceptance (if available).
  • Overview of the editorial oversight board.
  • Copy Editing of English Language + Article Suggestion
  • Calculating the daily cost of English Language Copy Editing (Words Amount X six cent per word) plus the $125 charge for Journal Recommendation Service is the overall cost of these bundles. This sum would subtract 20 percent Academic Discount and an additional 10 percent discount for the Second Items.