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Workers Are The Owners

As an academic publisher, we specialize in critical books with an international and interdisciplinary focus.

Many of our subject lists are globally renowned, this is especially the case within the fields of Development Studies, Area Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, International Politics, Sociology, Decolonization and Postcolonial Studies, Human Rights, Migration and Labour, as well as Heterodox and Development Economics. We’re not afraid to support academics that challenge the status quo to find new ways of interpreting, understanding or constructing the world we live in.

Our current catalogue features about 1,000 works across the humanities and social sciences. While we’re known for publishing different kinds of books for a variety of audiences, including general readers, the vast majority of our books and 100% of the works featured here on APP Scholar undergo in-depth peer review. Academic peer review is a cornerstone of our editorial policy.

In this section of APP Scholar, you will discover how APP Books can help you publish your recent research, support your teaching and inspire your students to think critically and internationally.

As an academic press, we pride ourselves on our scholarly publishing services. We produce award-winning books featuring the highest quality research. We work with a variety of organizations to further their research and publish socially and politically meaningful content. We provide expert editorial services, ensure exceptional production quality and provide access to global marketing and sales channels across academic, specialist and trade publishing.

Over four decades, we’ve developed a reputation as the go-to academic publisher for internationally focused, critical social science research. Our work involves curating challenging, sometimes controversial subject matter developed by institutions and groups of researchers wanting to critically examine the status quo, often including commonly held assumptions within their fields.

Originations driven not only by exceptional research and publication standards, but also by the desire to enhance diversity within their fields come to APP Books. We are exceptionally proud to partner with many remarkable institutions, societies and organizations committed to social and climate justice.

Message From CEO

We’ve been with the people for over the years. Our staff owns the publishing platform equally. Here, single hands are truth value equipped, so we value all our works with the same mass. APP and our Information Resources Group are set to also be top academia and world’s learning centers. Founded as the curriculum and training arm of the complete knowledge structure, it exercises a key role in fostering and elevating responsible enterprise and good governance principles for business and corporate societies.

Our whole attention as well as thoughts is now all about COVID-19 and how APP will better target its function. We would like you to know the APP will continue to do its part, and we won’t quit finding new ways to help.

There’s no instruction manual for how to feel at such a moment, and I know this creates discomfort for everyone. My list of concerns right now—like yours, I’m sure—is long: from my own children, parents, relatives, friends, to the welfare of you, my fellow employees, to those who are already really sick, and to the real damage that will be created by the economic ramifications in our nation.

We are living in a challenging and turbulent period across the planet, facing COVID-19.

Everyone’s physical and emotional health and well-being is our top concern, as we seek to function as normal as possible.

Although our physical offices might be closed for now, we’re very open. Today people need fast and convenient web access to the knowledge we publish on APP Insight and ways to share their findings.

We are a virtual, collaborative company, and then we will remain available to you in this global problem. I know we’ll get on together.